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Choosing Satellite TV or Digital Cable


Who does not like to watch TV? If nothing else, it does expose us to a world of interesting ideas, cultures, and languages. The good news is that you can choose from thousands of channels offered through either digital cable or satellite TV. Both options are affordable and easy to use but you can use just one on your home TV. In that case, here are some factors you should consider before you sign up with a provider.


Prices – Cable TV companies usually offer cheaper rates but they do not offer as many channels. Satellite TV offers many more channels but they are a little expensive. Take the time to compare one-time installation fees, monthly rentals, promotional period costs and price after the promotional period, installation and cancellation costs, etc. Most satellite TV companies also offer phone service, and high-speed internet, as a part of the entire deal.  Take the time to compare all these features before signing on with the provider.


Location – Cable TV is available all over the country but satellite TV may be limited in service due to location. According to the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, these are competitive odds but it still means you have to find out which company is prevalent in your area. The ground reality is that, when people have a choice, cable is the most popular option.


Channels – Satellite TV wins in this feature as viewers can pick and choose channels. They can also tailor-make packages to suit their needs. This is far better than cable TV which has a set number of channels. Everyone gets the same channels and you cannot add or remove channels.


Reception – Cable TV is usually not affected by weather but satellite TV is usually affected by weather. If you stay in an area that experiences bad weather like rain and snow, it would be a good idea to opt for cable TV. However, cable TV is also affected by weather. Anything that causes the cable TV wires to snap will definitely affect the service. Assess your local weather conditions before choosing a service.


Making the Decision Is Going To Be Easy?

Not really; you already know that you will have to contact several service providers, compare their rates, up-front deposits, hidden rates, etc. before you sign on. Verifying these abovementioned factors will also mean contacting each company individually, verifying the features, and then selecting a good company.


This process is not simple and it’s going to take the time. And frankly, you want your TV up and running as soon as possible. In that case, don’t waste time; get in touch with us at TenantAssist. We specialize in matching customers to service companies. No matter what kind of service you want, we will do the research and select the right company for you.


Just call us, email us, or contact us through the website form and we will help you choose the right digital cable or satellite TV service for your needs.

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